Hot (Air Balloon) Stuff…

About 15 years ago, I visited a Balloon and Ferrari Festival in Kent. Unfortunately the kids got restless and we had to leave before the balloons even got off the ground. I have always had a fascination with things in the sky: planes, helicopters, hot air balloons and even birds & butterflies: I mean, these things shouldn’t be able to stay in the air right?!

Strathaven run an free annual Strathaven Balloon Festival in John Hastie Park spanning 3 days featuring live music on an outdoor stage, the usual fun fair rides and of course, these big boys! On Saturday 29th August 2015 we arrived about 4pm to see all the balloon enthusiasts setting up their kit. They usually take off and do a jaunt around the area but due to wind speeds they called off that plan…

Strathaven Balloon Festival

Strathaven Balloon Festival

As night fell, a hive of activity picked up. Stunning silk works of art were laid out on the grass. Branded cars and trailers were driven away, helpers scurried round re-positioning the fabric and rope against the background sound of intermittent roars of the burners being fired up. I was about to witness my first ever ‘Glow’ performance…

Strathaven Balloon Festival

Strathaven Balloon Festival



The audience fell silent as the first song blared and each balloon took it in turn to have a bit of a ‘show off’. As the the music changed, the volume increased and tempo grew, every balloon joined in offering a spectacular un-choreographed performance along to the likes of Bohemian Rhapsody


Strathaven Balloon Festival

Strathaven Balloon Festival

Strathaven Balloon Festival

Strathaven Balloon Festival

If you can make it along, you wont be disappointed. Stuff to do for all ages and who couldn’t be impressed by these amazing sculptures. Just awesome…

According to their website, 2016 dates are 26th – 28th August with the Evening Glow being on the Saturday night

Links to help you get there…


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