Finding a Work Life Balance…

Walk the Walk. Talk the Talk…

At the end of May, I am taking the giant and super scary leap to leave my safe and secure job of 8 years and go freelance to do what I do best: organise and plan! I’ve been looking for a challenge for quite some time now but trying to find the impossible has become quite, um, impossible! Needless to say, I have never found that impossible job. One came close recently but it plummeted through a great hole followed by my great disappointment…

So, what is it I am looking for? Along with several million, billion others, I want, no, I NEED a job that is flexible enough to walk in the sunshine and work when it rains, I want to wander the mountains of the world and write about it. Of course, I have bills to pay so that’s when the freelance work comes in… I have always pushed myself in any role I have undertaken and because of that, I have quite a skill set under my belt to utilise in a whole range of organisations.

So, let’s meet up in 6 months time and see what has happened in that time. Here’s a sneaky look at the letter leaving my sweaty, anxious hands soon…

Have you had enough monkeying around with Mail Chimp?

Social Media becoming a virtual drag?

Losing track of paper trails?

Imagine the freedom of hiring a multi-sector specialist without the lengthy recruitment process or the added cost of an agency… No need for payroll, holiday or sick pay, no bonuses, agency fees or travel expenses and definitely no complicated contract. No obligation from you at all except to settle the invoice at the end of the month (although I can organise that for you too!) You’ll also be surprised at the cost…

As a freelance office assistant, I’m ideally suited for small to medium businesses as I can offer a wide range of services from social media marketing, web design to basic bookkeeping and warm reception welcomes. I have over 20 years of experience as an administrator and PA and have worked with a varied range of establishments being a ‘jack of all trades’ in health, creative, clothing, construction and beauty industries!


  • Social media management (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
  • Web maintenance (CMS) and design (Wix and WordPress)
  • Sound knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Email marketing campaigns (MailChimp)
  • Android photography and image manipulation
  • Adept at writing articles: press releases, promotional handouts and blogs
  • Inputting orders, processing payments, updating data and invoicing using ‘Sage 50’
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • I can also make a mean cup of tea and demon gingerbread…

Your company can benefit from this skill set with a minimum of 3 hours in any one session. If you are looking for regular help or as a one-off ‘re-plan’, you are assured that the workload is tailored to suit you…

Want to meet up to find out more?

Call. Text. WhatsApp. Let’s talk without the jargon…



About Rambling Scotland

Driver of Harvey. Walker of the wilds. Quaffeur of Prosecco. ... In that order
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